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India, a land of diversity is known for its people, colors, festivals and food. . The land of

exotic spices where food varies with changing landscapes. From mild to spicy to very spicy, tasty

food is something Indians are naturally associated with.

“BRITISH INDIAN CURRY HUT (BICH)” also known as THE CURRY HUT (TCH) by its valued clients, brings alive the rustic flavors of the Indian cuisine, traditionally famous for its savory “tandoori" dishes and exotic curries.

Dedicated to serving authentic and the best of Indian cuisine BICH, is truly a foodie's paradise. The fresh meat cooked in flavored spices exuding an appetizing fume is bound to draw your attention. The exclusive collection of vegetarian dishes complements our menu thus giving us the brand of an authentic India cuisine.

Curry, one of the Most Flavorful Dishes in the World: The dish known as 'curry' is now so varied and widespread across the globe that its definition must remain very open to include numerous cuisines and cooking styles.

Curry simply means any dish which has a richly spiced sauce cooked with meat and/or vegetables. It is usually eaten with rice and flat breads like roti or naan. Today curry is made in so many countries around the world that it is impossible to name them all, and we are one of them.


Curry Nutrition: the Goodness of Curry: Because of the many different fresh and dried spices it contains, curry can be extremely good for you. Turmeric, cumin, and coriander – the three main ingredients of most curries – are known to be anti-inflammatory and naturally cleansing agents that strengthen and detoxify our bodies.

If you are craving for Indian delicacies and hospitality, being at British Indian Curry Hut is the best choice you could have ever made. We at British Indian Curry Hut are committed to bring out the unique taste and aromatic flavors of Indian hospitality from our kitchen where we always

“COOK SOMETHING UNIQUE” especially for our guest. A Restaurant where you go Curry Holic…

It is our utmost pleasure in having you here.

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British Indian Curry Hut (BICH)

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Authentic Indian cuisine with variety of dishes from Clay oven, Currys and our Purdha Briyani in British Indian Curry Hut.

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Boost your energy with our variety of Cocktails, Mocktails, Sprits and Chilled Beers on Tap & Bottles.