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Basamathi Rice Specality

Order food delivery Our Flavoured Basmathi Rice Cooked with Chicken, lamb, Fish & Prawn to capture any taste buds. Should Never Miss It. Pay Easily Online.

Dhum Chicken Biryani

The king of rice dishes cooking biryani is an art our Dhum biryani should try. Recommended by whole..


Jeera Rice

Basmathi rice cooked with cumin and touched with fresh cow ghee topped with coriander for a superb ..


Kashmiri Pulao

Pilaf done kashmiri style, cooked with dry fruits, milk and aromatics...


Lamb Briyani

Our Fresh succulent lamb gives an extra flavour for dhum lamb biryani. Biryani lovers don’t miss it..


Mushroom Pulao

Strips of Button mushroom cooked with long grain basmati rice for mushroom lovers...


Plain Rice

Long grain Basmathi Rice, fragnant and delicious on its own..


Saffron Rice

Perfect log grain basmathi rice touched with high quality saffron leaf a heavenly combination...


Vegetarian Biryani

Long grain basmathi rice cooked with fresh vegetable. Blessed for veggie biryani lovers!..


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