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Tandoori Non Vegetarian

Achari Lamb Tikka Achari Lamb Tikka

Achari Lamb Tikka

A delectable dish of lamb cubes marinated in pickle spices and cooked on a char grill… a must try!!..

S$18.40 S$23.00

Chicken Tikka Chicken Tikka

Chicken Tikka

Fresh Boneless chicken marinated with yogurt, herbs and red chilli powder Served hot with Mint Chut..

S$16.80 S$21.00

Fish Tikka

Snow cod fish marinated with Indian spices and dills. Chef Recommended!!!...


Kali Mirchi Kebab Kali Mirchi Kebab

Kali Mirchi Kebab

Fresh Boneless Chicken with distinctive flavours of black pepper and yogurt. Chef Recommended!!...

S$18.40 S$23.00

Murgh Tikka Badami Murgh Tikka Badami

Murgh Tikka Badami

Fresh Boneless chicken breast tendered in cream and cheese, cooked in clay oven ( Tandoori )...

S$17.60 S$22.00

Tandoor Lamb Chops Tandoor Lamb Chops

Tandoor Lamb Chops

Marinated overnight in Indian spices, then soft meat is cooked in char grill served hot and soft...

S$20.80 S$26.00

Tandoori Chicken ( Full ) Tandoori Chicken ( Full )

Tandoori Chicken ( Full )

Spring fresh whole Chicken Marinated in yogurt, roasted spices and tempered with char grill..

S$25.20 S$36.00

Tandoori Chicken ( Half ) Tandoori Chicken ( Half )

Tandoori Chicken ( Half )

Spring fresh chicken marinated in yogurt, roasted spices and cooked in clay oven...

S$16.00 S$20.00

Tandoori Platter Tandoori Platter

Tandoori Platter

All mix of meat from tandoor...

S$38.40 S$48.00

Tandoori Prawns

Jumbo Prawns stuffed with crab claw meat Cooked for its perfection...


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